Interview with the Leprechaun

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It must have been a Sunday. The all-too-familiar pressure to get to work on time was notably absent. I hovered blissfully between sleep and wakefulness and there was no rush to change that anytime soon. From the deep crater in my pillow an unflattering outcropping of wild hair and assorted facial features jutted out. A sole squinting eye, nearly closed, gave silent protest to a rising sun. Did I mention it was Sunday? Good times.

My brain, still surfing those perfect alpha waves, told me I was sitting in a vast field of tall golden grass. Beware of your brain, my friends. Sometimes it lies. It was a pleasant lie so far so why not roll with it? The grasslands all around were bathed in a vibrant ocher light but there was a darker blue-gray color where earth met sky. In the distance a gathering of angry mountain peaks stood…

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Gods and Spiritual Alchemy

Magick From Scratch

As I was working through the thought-form de-posession ritual, I gave more thought to the dirty-teacup metaphor, and why it is that some people actually experience physical manifestations that genuinely make it look like deities are cruel and sometimes arbitrary. I realized that I had encountered something similar during my years as a Ceremonial Magician, working through various elemental and planetary grades.

As a preface, I want to clarify the elements and planetary forces are not intelligences or personalities but rather blind forces that one must wield, or else enlist the help of a deity to gain control over.

When you are initiated into an elemental grade, or a planetary one, you experience an influx of that force, which can manifest as some truly awful stuff happening to you. A Theoricus, for example (in the grade of Air), might experience travel issues, communication problems, issues with planning, or become…

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How to Sense and Feel Crystal Energy

Spirit Science 13 ~ The Crystal Movie

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